We do custom built desktop units too, whether you need a gaming machine or an office computer we can always find the right price for you !

All examinations are free of charge !


  • Windows Installation (Comes with all the essential programs, manually customized for your platform, like Java, Flash Player, Framework, Skype, latest Drivers, Archive Utility, Adobe Reader, Full Codec Video/Audio Player): £45
  • Antivirus Installation: £30
  • Office Installation: £30
  • For other software please contact us.


  • LCD Replacement: £70-85 Depending on screen size.
  • Internal cleaning and replacement of thermal paste: £35
  • Data Retrieval: £1-5 per GB of data, depending on how damaged the HDD unit is.
  • HDD replacement: £15 (Does not include the HDD cost)
  • Motherboard Problem: £35-70
  • Charging port: £45
  • For other hardware problems please contact us.